Trade Mark

Our Office aims to render all the services related to the trademarks protection depending upon our long and wide experience, putting in mind that we are working in co-operation with the Office for studies and consultations, the office that succeeded to obtain the license number (1) from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 1/7/1413 H.
We are proud to have an honorable history in the settlement of trademark’s disputes regarding the various cases of our local, regional or international clients. Our services cover :

  1. Search for registed trademarks.
  2. Registering trademarks in standard time and claim the of priority when required.
  3. Follow up and renew the trademarks.
  4. Keep an eye on application for registering new trademarks in the Gazette and notify our clients of any and all identical and alike trademarks to take the necessary action to protect their rights or.
  5. Appeal against the decisions of refusing our applications to register the trademarks.
  6. Drafting contracts for permission to use or assignment of trademarks.
  7. Rendering legal advice regarding all the relevant problems.
  8. Represent our clients in settlement of their disputes amicably, before the courts or arbitration tribunals.
  9. We have achieved considerable success in settling the trademarks disputes of our clients i9ncluding:
    • Objection before Board of Grievances against registering trademarks published in Saudi gazette.
    •  Forgery and imitation of trademarks
    • Request to abstain from using ----- trademarks.
    • Request to delete registed trademarks.
    • Appeal against decisions of the Board of Grievances.
  10. Settlements of counterfeiting and imitation of trademarks in coordination with the concerned bodies in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Requirements for trademarks Registrations

  • Select the category for a category for each trademark as the Trademarks Regulation has fixed (45) categories and only one category for a specific number of products or services.
  • A copy of the commercial register certified by the concerned authority and attested by the Saudi Consulate for foreigners.
  • 15 copies of the trademark (7´7 cm in size) requested to be registed.
  • Translation of the commercial register when not issued in the Arabic language.
  • Provide us with a power of attorney duly attested by Saudi Embassy