The market is teeming of companies and the competition in establishing new companies is increasing, at the same time we hear regularly of companies entering in bankruptcy or debts thereby preventing them from their activities. Getting use of our high legal qualification and long experience of the Saudi local market and trade field, we offer practical solution for the benefit of the companies; including:

  • Drafting the articles of association of companies and establishments, attest them by the Notary public, publish and register them.
  • Drafting the internal regulations of the companies.
  • Issuing the Commerical Registration of the companies and their branches.
  • Issuing the membership of the chamber of Commerce.
  • Amending the articles of association of companies and establishments, attest them by the Notary Public.
  • Issuing the Industrial licenses.
  • Preparing the Visibility Studies.
  • Drafting all the contracts relating to the companies; eg:
    • Purchase of shares.
    • Transfer of companies
  • Dissolving and Liquidation of companies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Capital structuring
  • Legal advice on all matters relating to the companies, eg:
    • Selection of the name of the company.
    • All matters all problems connected with incorporation.
    • Disputes arising between the shareholders or between the shareholders and the administration of the company.
    •  Disputes arising between the company and its clients.
    • Disputes arising between the company and its employees (Labor disputes).

Companies are very keen to register their trademarks to avoid forgery or misusing them by marketing different or lower grades products or services. For the sake of protecting your right to use your trademark or permit others to use it by your absolute discretion we help you in the following manner:

  • Direct you to collect all the required documents to register the trademark.
  • Defend the client whenever there is objection from third parties to register the trademark.
  •  Register the trademark in the way that protects the interest of the client.
  •  Take immediate legal action against any infringement of the trademark.
  • Draft the contracts of leasing the trademark permitting others to use it.
  • Regional and international registration of the trademark as well as registering the trademark in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Non-Saudis. As it isknown that the WIPO passed a regulation for the international registration of the trademarks. Such registration is governed by Madrid Treaty for trademarks registration and Madrid Protocol.  

Negotiable Instruments


Being a means of settlements, and sometimes a means of guarantee, the negotiable instruments have become very important to the economy.  Although there are many advantages for the commercial market in adopting the negotiable instruments as they are negotiable by way of endorsement or direct delivery, nonetheless carelessness in using them results in great loss of money and effort. To protect our clients, our firm offers the following legal services:

  • Legal opinion before entering any transaction relating to negotiable instruments.
  • Drafting the contracts relating to the negotiable instruments.
  • Concluding amicable settlements with the opponents of our clients.
  • Representing our clients before the courts or Judicial commissions entertaining the disputes.

Electronic Trade.


Electronic trade is generally described as a means of purchasing and selling of products and services electronically. This system has become a benefit to the companies, establishments and individuals thereby changing the traditional system and opening a new and more effective method. However this change has been accompanied by some problems relating to the security and commercial aspects. These problems caused some restlessness whereby the need for legal treatment is a must. Our firm provides the following services:

  • Early legal advice before entering in any commitment with third parties.
  • Negotiate with third parties on behalf of the client to reach a reasonable agreement putting in mind the interest of the client.
  • Verifying the draft of the agreements the client intends to enter into with third parties.
  • In case of existing disputes , we represent the client to reach amicable settlement with his opponents, before the arbitration tribunal or before the ordinary courts.
Intellectual Property (Trade Names – Patents – Copyright).

Due care with intellectual property results in a number of benefits; decreases the wide spread of forged and cheated products in markets and motivates the citizens to compete in this field. Our firm offers the following se5rvices:

    • Render legal advice regarding obtaining, registration, assignment, lease, use and drafting contracts thereof.
    • Rendering legal advice on illegal competition and illegal and restricted trade transactions.
    • Represent the client when a dispute arises relating to these rights.
Maritime Transportation.

This area of the law relates to sea transportation and the lease of the ships. It also includes the legal transactions connected with the transported products; that is to say sea sale of goods, documentary credits, transportaion of passengers, sea accidents and sea insurance.
And as the import trade is flourishing in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the importers are in bad need for the legal services. We offer the following services:

    • Early legal advice before entering in any commitment with third parties.
    • We conduct negotiations on behalf of our clients to reach amicable settlements with their opponents.
    • Verifying the draft of the agreements the client intends to enter into with third parties.
    • Represent our clients before the arbitration tribunals or the competent courts when no amicable settlement is possible.

Marketing, Administrative and visibility study.

It is now a settled practice in the business world that no project shall come to existence unless preceded by a visibility study, scientific planning and legal advice. That is because people learned from their long experience that a rolling stone does not take dust. For this particular reason we are adopting this department . We render the following services to our clients:

  •  Study all matters relating to the industrial licenses for the Saudi and foreign companies and establishments.
  • Visibility study for all commercial, industrial, economical and administrative projects.
  • Preparing of organizational and administrative structures for companies and establishments.
  • Description and classification of jobs.
  • Marketing of industrial products, intellectual property and services.

Insurance has become a necessity for many transactions and in particular civil, mechanical, electrical and construction contracts. Import, industrial equipments, professional jobs, huge and dangerous factories, means of air, sea and land transportations. The insurance may reach million dollars. The umbrella of insurance the heath of the human being , that is we are pay much attention to this branch of the law and our services include:

  • Treatment of all kinds of insurance disputes.
  • A special circuit has been established for medical insurance under the supervision of qualified lawyers, physicians and insurance experts.
Personal Law (Muslims and Non-Muslims).

The range of the personal law disputes is ranking very high in the Saudi courts, so we saved a considerable part in our services for this area of the law. We render our services for both Muslims and Non-Muslims as follows:

  • Distribution of inheritance according to the personal law of the spouses.
  • Drafting and verifing the agreements of inheritance assignment (Takharug).
  • Issuing of inheritance (hasar) deeds.
  • Issuing of heir (hasar) deeds.
  • Drafting of agreements between the spouses in relation to their rights and obligations under their marriage contract (financial rights- inheritance – nursery).
  • Treatment of all Family Disputes.
 Custom ,Zakat – Income Tax.

We noticed that some of the business men are complaining from some problems relating to Custom ,Zakat  and Income Tax, so our firm is offering:

  • Treatment of Customs Disputes.
  • Treatment of Zakat and Income Tax Disputes.
Capital Market

The Capital Market Authority has been established to supervise the regulation and development of the Capital Market. The Authority has issued the necessary regulations, rules and instructions to implement the provisions of the Capital Market Law in order to maintain a suitable atmosphere for investment in the market, firm trust, to be sure that the registed companies will adhere firmly to the honest disclosure and transparency and to protect the investors and those dealing with securities transactions. Violators shall be subject to penalties in regard to the violations proved against them.
The disputes shall be settled by the Capital Market Commission and the Appeal Capital Market Commission
In order to protect our clients against deceit, fraud, cheating and to adhere to the regulation of the market, we offer the following services:

  1. Legal advice relating to purchase, sale, subscribe, guarantee and transfer of securities or carry on any right resulting therefom and generally any matter relating to the securities or the Capital Market.
  2. The legal advice may be in a form of an annual agreement or take any advice separately.
  3. We represent the clients before the Capital Market Commission and the Appeal Capital Market Commission as the case may be.
  4. We represent our client in negotiations to reach commercial deals or amicable settlement in relation to all securities transactions.


  • Our Firm pays special attention and care to the contract as it is a means of acquiring rights and undertaking obligations that may be very difficult to perform and may lead to prison if not to bankruptcy and loss of many rights. To avoid these crises we offer the following services:
    • Drafting all types of contracts.
    • Study and verify all types of contacts.
    • Negotiate on behalf of the clients with the parties they intend to contract with in order to reach reasonable terms and condition.
  • We pay due care and attention to the new means of  transactions between businessmen as brought by the contemporaneous technology , eg:
    • Transfer of technology contracts
    • The work of Arts and Technology.
    • Contracts relating to Intellectual; Property.
    • Publication and Distribution contracts.
    • Sports Contracts relating to professionals, trainers and transfer of players from one club to another.

Local, Regional and International Sport Laws

The goal of sport is no longer body building or personal entertainment. The 20th century prolonged with an overwhelming sport revolution headed by the football game. This game is characterized by the specialization in its administration, professionalism in exercising it, the training relating to it and the local, regional and global care in regulating its matches. Accordingly grand stadiums have been constructed and millions of dollars had been expended and therefore a local and international legislation revolution should accompany this development for its regulation.
And here is our office offering the following legal services:

  • Legal advice in all sport activities and particularly the football game; including the contracts of players transfer, trainers and generally all provisions of regulations, rules and instructions issued by the local authorities or FIFA.
  • The legal advice may be in a form of an annual agreement or take any advice separately.
  • We represent the clients in all their disputes before the concerned authorities inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or abroad.
Real  Estate

Treatment of all kinds of real estate disputes, whether inside the country or abroad; these include:

  • Purchase
  • Sale
  • Donation
  • Wills
  • Shufaa
  • Mortgage
  • Endowment
  • Drafting and regulating royal donation and treatment of disputes arising therefrom.
  • Issuing of ( ISTIHKAMAT) relating real estate deeds.
  • We represent our clients as plaintiffs, defendants or accused before all courts.
  • We follow the disputes before the appellate courts and execute them.
  • We represent our clients in disputes arising outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through qualified lawyers.
Legal Advice

We render legal advice to our clients by one of the following methods:

  • Annual agreements for companies and establishments.
  • Annual agreements  for individuals.
  • Hourly legal advice.

Certified Translation

We have a license for certified translation and we serve our clients in the following:

  • All formal documents
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Deeds
  • Judgments passed by the courts and the judicial tribunals
  • International treaties and conventions


  • Arabic
  • English