About Us


The firm was brought to existence by advocate and legal adviser Mr. Reda Jamil Abdulrazik. Mr. Reda was formerly an adviser with the Saudi Commission for Investigation and Public Prosecution.he During the 14 years he spent with the Commission, Mr. Reda was closely acquainted with the Saudi social, civil and cultural problems but his remarkable achievement is his specialization in criminal aspects. He has now high and long experience in discovering crimes, administrative and financial violations. Mr. Reda is now the president of the firm.

In addition to the president, there is a group of highly qualified lawyers in different national and international jurisdictions added to their long experience in different law fields as judges, advocates and legal advisers with companies of the private sector.

Advance in sciences, technology of communications and telecommunications assisted us to build a strong infrastructure for a law firm.The contemporaneous information and telecommunications revolution has also gave us the opportunity to create a strong tie with the most famous international law firms all over the world, continuous contacts with law libraries, law publishers, legal entities e.g. IBA, WTO, WIPO, arbitration centers, etc….

Our goal is to invest these strong ties and fruitful communications in resolving the disputers of our clients, whether in a form of legal consultation, negotiations, amicable resolutions, arbitration or litigations before the various courts.

Although we take the relation with our clients as a high value, nonetheless we do not consider ourselves as perfect but we are satisfied that it is our greatest concern and goal.